Galvanized steel storage tanks
Galvanized steel storage tanks
Capacity from 9 m3 to 4,000 m3

Galvanized steel storage tanks

Galvanized steel storage tanks
Capacity from 9 m3 to 4,000 m3

On ground galvanized steel tanks and reservoirs are an economical way to store and distribute various kinds of liquid. We are able to supply reservoirs in diameter ranging even from 3,1m.

All projects are different, so as our approach, so we can offer the best solution in each case.


  • Easy and cheap to transport for even long distances because of dismantling.
  • Our technology allows to reduce installation time and costs – replacing the massive concreting and welding works
  • High-quality sealing material- membrane (Butyl, EPDM, PVC)
  • Before delivery, every product must pass quality control
  • Withstands any environmental conditions, like wind, rain, cold and heat
  • According to project needs, our tanks can be fitted with specified inlet, outlet, overflow, drain connections, and other necessary things
  • Tanks/Reservoirs can be equipped with outside or inside insulation, also possible to install submersible heater
  • No need for expensive construction works, as the reservoir requires only concrete base.

According to project requirements, we are able to equip tanks with specific accessories according to client needs.

Tank and reservoir assembly at the building site
Assembly is carried out using hydraulic jacks or scaffoldings. Our specialist are ready to consult every client in every situation, giving only the best solutions.

Fulfilling customer requirements, we equip tanks with accessories – side shell manway, pump, ladders, service platform (area), vortex, flanges, piping and, etc.

Main applications
  • Drinking water storage tanks
  • Fire tanks / fire fighting water storage
  • Rainwater reservoirs
  • Technical and raw water storage tanks
  • Wastewater storage tanks
  • Wastewater aeration reservoirs
  • Chemical substance storage
  • And many more