to fire suppression, stormwater retention or re-use, drinking water (ensuring water supply for the public), rainwater harvesting.
process tanks for the wastewater treatment plant and for industrial process equipment.
process tanks for biogas storage. Industrial heroes have gained experience working with Biogas plants worldwide, so we are sure, that our engineers will be more than happy to collaborate with you.
Bulk Material
grain, limestone, cement, fly ash, carbon black, wood waste, granulated plastics, salt and fodder (ensilage, haulage, wet grain crops).
liquid fertilizers and other chemicals within the range of chemical resistance of enamel. Durability and safety are always paramount when designing and manufacturing these tanks.
liquid manure, dung water, salt brine, process and firewater, lime milk, etc.
Drinks & Food
the varied selection of drinks/ food and ingredients of these products requires special equipment, whereby the product characteristics. Storage tanks, dryers, powder silos, sterile tanks, melting tanks, and process tanks.
industrial heroes will collaborate with you when thinking about the tank design, and about specific tank needs and combinations.
have the highest quality standards, that is why our engineers will be actively collaborating with you.
the distribution and storage of goods is an important link in logistics chain.
agriculture, pastoral, dairy, arable.