About us

INDUSTRIAL HEROES is a producer of various products. One of them is tanks/reservoirs. On ground tanks and reservoirs are widely used in many industries, to store different kinds of liquids and bulk substances. Our tanks storage starts from 100 liters to 50,000 m3.

We produce and supply tanks/reservoirs from plastic, steel, or even containerized solutions, that is why we can offer a client the best individual solution, meeting all end-user needs. Also, everything is designed for easy transportation


INDUSTRIAL HEROES give warranty and commitment to the highest quality associated with our brand. We use premium quality EU-made raw materials, which meet requirements of relevant tank design standards.

All in one

We have engineering, production, and quality control in-house, i.e. we are able to supervise quality and guarantee solutions that satisfy the most stringent requirements.

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Key Team Members

Competent, professional and experienced employees – specialists – are the greatest value of our company.

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